Come “HOME” on February 16

Photo Credit: Titanic by Rodney Zagury

Flushing Town Hall will present the third phase of “HOME,” an international collaboration between Valerie Green/Dance Entropy and choreographers from diverse countries. This particular performance will feature a global collaboration between Valerie Green of Dance Entropy and Indian choreographer Ashley Lobo.

“HOME” is an international collaboration with choreographers from Sweden, India, Uganda, Columbia and Lebanon. Green points out how each examines the concept of home from their unique perspective, drawing upon the significance of this concept in their home country, as well as factors including culture, upbringing, economics, politics, and personal identity. “Each choreographer creates a section of this work that will later be mixed together by me,” Green says, “and integrated into one cohesive evening-length dance that will also reflect my own community and dancers’ perspectives on home,” Each collaboration phase will have the opportunity to show progression before the final performance.

“HOME” has already gone through two phases. The first phase in collaboration with Maria Naidu from Sweden who coined “HOME” as ‘energy’, movement and ultimately dance. The second phase made its way into “HOME” being full of complexity. Paola López Ramírez from Columbia chose to focus on the mundane and as she described “inexplicable magic.” As “HOME” made its way to the third phase,

Photo credit: Right Now by Bertosz Zalewski for Zawirowania Dance Festival

Ashley draws the idea of going back to the self, “if you are one with you,” he says, “then you are at home wherever you are.” This idea that one must find home first and foremost in oneself before finding it anywhere else, that wherever one goes, they are ultimately home.

“We are excited for our upcoming Lebanon phase at the end of April and will be collaborating with choreographer Bassam Abou Diab,” says Green.

“Amid Mystery And Ritual, More Organic Than Elegant, The Work Recalls Aspects Of Many Cultures.”— Julinda Lewis, Richmond Times Dispatch

This live performance will take place on Sunday, February 16, at 1pm at Flushing Town Hall. There will be a Q&A discussion following the performance between artists and audience. The performance is FREE and all are welcome to join!

You can also watch this video to learn more from Valerie Green.




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