Introducing Jazz Jam All-Star Sharif Kales

First picking up the trumpet in the seventh grade at the age of thirteen Sharif’s music teacher switched Sharif from trumpet to baritone horn because Sharif couldn’t get a sound out of the trumpet. So he played baritone horn for his first year, but being as determined as he was to play trumpet Sharif took a trumpet home over the summer to practice.

By the time he returned to school within weeks Sharif (who was born and raised in Flushing) was playing the first chair on trumpet and also when on to make the borough and city-wide bands.

This Sunday, you can experience Sharif’s musical prowess when he takes the stage at Flushing Town Hall’s first-ever Jazz Jams All-Stars concert, beginning at 7:30 PM. Tickets are available here.

“One, I hope that I can make the audience members have fun and forgive about the outside world for a while and just get lost in the music. Two, I’m a fairly quiet person so I hope they see and feel that I express myself through my music,” he says. “The Flushing Town Hall session means a lot to me… It’s a place close to home where I can jam and meet with other musicians.”

Graduating from The New School Jazz program, Sharif is mainly versed in jazz, but his musical abilities are diverse.  A full-time professional musician now, he plays many different styles of music such as funk, R and B, and Latin to name a few.

Sharif has worked with the likes of Charli Persip, The Valery Ponomarev Art Blakey big band, The Ray Arbans big band, The Harlem Renaissance big band, Charles Tolliver, Buster Williams, Mulgrew Miller, Joe Chambers, and Wallace Rodney.

Sharif is currently working with Legendary bassist John Benitez as well as freelancing and leading his own group – and he’s working on his debut album.

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