Introducing Jazz Jam All-Star Keith Jordan

Introducing Keith Jordan, one of this coming Sunday’s Jazz Jam All-Stars! he’ll take the stage in our theatre along with 9 other stellar members of our monthly Jazz Jams.

Keith was born in Brooklyn and raised in Jamaica, Queens. He went to Hillcrest High School, where he was in the chorus and started playing the guitar at age 18. He then went to Queens College, where he studied music and started playing with the local kats in Jamaica, Queens.

“I would go to Queens College and get hip to Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven along with learning sight singing, theory, and composition classes by day and go hang out at ‘The Village Door’, where they were playing Jazz music at night,” he says.

He was fortunate to hear some of the great musicians of Jamaica, and that included, Bernard Wright, Omar Hakim, and Don Blackmon, to name a few.  More importantly, he got to play with them when he worked up his nerve!  Keith also started playing gigs with an R&B grou

p from the neighborhood, Natural Explosion.

After graduating, Keith continued to play music in the tri-state area and started writing and producing music. He has continued to write and produce music for various artists in the tri-state area. From the playful 3/4 feel of “I Do” for Il Collettivo, to the irresistible swing of “Monk and Dem”, for JCK. He also wrote, arranged, played, and produced all of the music on “Sounds From The Basement” for Yadig!.

While Keith (a Hollis Hills resident) continues to write and produce music, he also plays in different parts of the United States and Europe. He also has been teaching Music at Francis Lewis High School for almost 20 years, and working in New York City’s public school system for nearly 30 years! You can heck out some of his or here.

“Everyone listens differently so everyone is not going to learn, discover, and feel the exact same thing,” he says of the upcoming concert. “What I do hope they take away with them is something positive.”

And he raves about Flushing Town Hall, saying, “Flushing Town Hall is a place where I can go and play and interact with some good musicians and also someplace where I recommend my students to go if they are interested in hearing, interacting, and seeing quality jazz at a low price!”









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