Introducing Jazz Jam All-Star Frank Robinson

We are less than a week away from our first-ever Jazz Jam All-Stars concert on Sunday, August 4. Today we introduce you to Frank Robinson, one of our amazing All-Stars.

“My journey in the arts began with music,” says Frank. “Growing up in a household where music was a staple opened my mind to the music in me. As a hairbrush singer, I sang along with Joe Williams, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Sam Cooke, The Blind Boys of Alabama and countless other artists whose voices came through the HiFi.”

Frank was born, raised and lives in Jamaica, Queens. In his mid-twenties I was introduced to jam sessions in 1978 when a friend’s father, a musician, took him to a jam in Carmichael’s basement in Jamaica, Queens, where he cut his singing chops.

“My fire lit,” he says. “I continued my musical odyssey participating in jams and performing in several Tri-State area clubs including the Blue Note, Copeland’s and Sweet Basil’s, where in the 2007 Anheuser Busch/Jazzmobile competition I won an Outstanding Vocalist award.”

He also is a producer of “Around the Fire” for QPTV, and working on developing a series showcasing up and coming jazz and blues artists, as well as present human interest themed talk/performance shows.

What he loves about the Flushing Town Hall Jazz Jams, is “that they allow me to explore my musical expression, as well as challenge me to grow as I learn from the musicians and singers.”

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