Introducing our Jazz Jam All-Star: JoseLuis Armengot

On Sunday, August 4, Flushing Town Hall will present its first-ever Jazz Jam All-Stars event, when 10 musicians – from Queens and Long Island – will take the stage together. The event will help raise funds to keep the monthly Jazz Jams free to musicians.

Today, we introduce you to JoseLuis Armengot.

“May audiences discover my passion and their own so we can enjoy experiencing music together,” he says. “Flushing Town Hall is so important to my growth, love and appreciation of the jazz culture ever unfolding.”

JoseLuis started attending the monthly Jazz Jams nearly three years ago. “I love the people, the atmosphere,” he says.

Flushing Town Hall, in fact, is where he met his wife-to-be, and then they held their wedding therein 2018, too! The couple live in Rego Park, Queens.

“I am so moved to experience and share many feelings with all my heart thru the flow of music as I play for everyone,” he says. “It is my calling!!!”

Bon in Bonao, Dominican Republic, he began studying music and piano at age nine, and then picked up the trumpet four years later. When his family moved, he continued to study at the Municipal Music Academy in Santiago, Dominican Republic, and it was there where he was trained in classical music.

By the age of 16, he was playing professional, popular music gigs, and he has since played with a group, Revista Tropical, Chichi Peralta y Son Familia (in New York Miami and Latin America), Juan Luis Guerra 440, and his self-named JoseLuis Armengot Quintet (which has performed at a number of venues, including at Flushing Town Hall!).



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