Enjoy Carnegie Hall Citywide: Hazmat Modine on October 5

Hazmat Modine’s music tips its hat to New Orleans-styled honky-tonk with dashes of klezmer and gritty jug band blues tossed in for good measure. Propelled by the earthy vocals and scorching harmonica of band founder Wade Schuman, the group’s unique sound is also buoyed by tuba, drums, guitar, banjo, as well as the Armenian double wind instrument called the duduk.

You can enjoy Hazmat Modine on our stage on Friday, October 5 at 8:00 PM. Tickets are free with an online RSVP here.

We posed a few questions to Wade Schuman.

What can an audience expect to see/experience at your events?

We are a big band: 8 people of all different backgrounds, ages and artistic experiences…the one thing we all have in common is passion and love of music and we put that passion into every show we do… There is a lot of running around and fun, but this energy is mixed with wit, pathos and humor…You will see and hear instruments played like you have never heard or seen, from musicians of remarkable depth and experience…Mostly you will see joy and celebration. And you will hear many surprising sounds that you have never heard together!

Tell us about you – how you started as a performer?

I am self-taught on Harmonica guitar and other instruments…I started playing harmonica at the age of ten and studied the prewar styles of blues and country harmonica…over the years I have fallen in love with music from all over the world, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caribbean…all that and more make up the influences of the band.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Michigan and moved east in my teens and have lived the longest in NYC.

What do you hope audiences feel at your event?

The Joy of music and the fact that any instrument can have tremendous expressive potential, be it tuba, harmonica, drums or trombone… that American music contains in it the sounds and influences of all music everywhere and that we are really truly and beautifully a polyglot country… also, that humor can have depth and meaning in art.

What does Flushing Town Hall mean to you?

We travel and play all over the world, in over forty countries! But in NYC we usually on play in Manhattan or Brooklyn, so it is so exciting to play in other boroughs and venues and to have contact with the communities there…this Carnegie hall series is a beautiful musical event of sharing and connecting in NYC and we are so proud and pleased to be part of it!

What is on the horizon for you?

We have a CD that we are working on that will be coming out in the spring called Box of Breath. We will also be traveling to China to play in October, and our regular European touring in the spring!

What else do you want us to know about you!?

We have been playing in NYC for over 20 years! We have pride in what it is to be a NYC band and we feel that the diversity and musical range in the band truly reflects this city!

You can check out Hazmat Modine on Facebook here and Instagram here.

Flushing Town Hall is accessible by car, bus, train and foot – located a short distance from the 7 train – at 137-35 Northern Blvd., in Flushing, Queens. Access for wheelchair users and individuals with limited mobility is available.

Once again, Flushing Town Hall is opening its doors to teenagers – for free. Under the “Teen Access Program,” all 13- to 19-year-old boys and girls (whether a member or not) will be welcomed to attend any performance for free. The program is designed to appeal to students and help foster a greater love in the arts and culture.


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