We’ve got a $40,000 challenge for you? Check it out.

Flushing Town Hall has been presented with a significant challenge on the 40th anniversary season of the Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts: if Flushing Town Hall can raise $40,000 in new or increased donations by February 2019, an anonymous donor will match that with another $40,000.

“This is a challenge we’re excited to take on,” said Ellen Kodadek, Flushing Town Hall’s Executive and Artistic Director. “It’s not every day that an institutional supporter presents such an offer. We’re confident that many of those people – from Queens and beyond – who have enjoyed Flushing Town Hall will step up and show their support. Every dollar not only counts – but will be doubled!”

The donor – whose full identity has not been provided to Flushing Town Hall – is described as a patron of the arts. A member of Flushing Town Hall’s Board of Trustees served as the conduit for the offer.

The challenge, announced this week, will apply to any new or increased contributions (and not to any pre-existing financial commitments) from individuals, foundations, and businesses. The $40,000 must be raised within six months – by February 28, 2019.

The funding will help Flushing Town Hall continue to provide free and affordable programming that exemplifies its mission to provide global arts to a global community, bringing many artists from across the globe to Queens. In recent years, the venue also began offering free admission to teenagers, to spur their engagement with the arts, as part of a Teen Access Program, and throughout its year-round programming provides multiple opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy presentations from across the cultural spectrum.

“I hope this challenge motivates others to see what I do: an institution that presents with a passion and a purpose, that opens its doors to everyone, that celebrates diversity, and creates community,” the donor said through the Board Trustee.


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