An Egg-Citing Workshop You’ll Want to Roll With!

Do you like egg rolls and would love to make them at home?

Well, on August 21, you can learn how to do so – thanks to a special workshop led by chefs from Taiwan and our Teaching Artist,

“Living in this busy world, we all have the same problem: ‘We don’t cook!’” Dr. Chou says. “Yes, we constantly eat out and complain how bored we are with outside food. Don’t you miss home cooking? Why do we cook and enjoy getting together with family and friends? But… cooking usually is a really big deal!”

“The idea for this workshop started from there,” Dr. Chou adds. “I believe we can prepare our own food, and it won’t create big trouble. You won’t need to spend a lot of money, and don’t worry that you will mess up your kitchen. The kind of home cooking we do here is simple, easy and delicious.

The chefs will demonstrate how to make Cantonese-style, Taiwanese-style, and Vietnamese-style egg rolls. No matter whether you are a meat-eater or a vegetarian, all are welcome to join us to cook these simple yet delicious treats that have a long tradition in Asia.

(There’s limited seating, so reserve your spot now here. Tickets are $20 for non-members and $15 for members for the event, which starts at 6:00 pm that day!)

Dr. Chou, born in Taiwan, is one of the original pioneering composers of Campus Folk Songs, revolutionary music in a new style combining Taiwanese folk and country melodies. He is recognized as a leading Taiwanese dialect and Chinese folk singer in America and has performed in many prestigious halls and festivals including at Flushing Town Hall, Alice Tully Hall and the Lincoln Center Out of Doors festivals.

His annual Taiwan Songs benefit concert has become the most popular event in New York for Chinese senior citizens. He is curator for many art exhibitions and has been chief coordinator for many cross-cultural festivals, including events during Asian-Pacific Heritage Month held at Ellis Island.

Dr. Chou advocates community service and has been chairman of the Taiwan Welfare Association of New York, Taiwan Benevolent Association in America, and founder of the New York Hsiang-Yin Chorus. He is Executive Director of New York Institute of Culture and the Arts, a frequent lecturer at Flushing Town Hall, and is a professor at BMCC, City University of New York, Fordham University and Center for Ethnic Studies, specializing Asian-American History and Chinese Culture and Heritage. He is considered a specialist in Asian culture and international educational development.

“In past years, we have showcased preparation of dumplings, tonic soups, and Asian pancakes” at Flushing Town Hall, he says. “We have reached our goals: learning with happiness, cooking with pleasure, and eating good food. This summer we are going for “egg rolls.”

Attendees will be able to learn how to prepare, make, and (of course!) eat their own delicious egg rolls. “This workshop is enjoyable, but also educational!” Dr. Chou says.


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