Flushing Town Hall presents Korean contemporary improvisational music from Black String on January 26

On Friday, January 26, Flushing Town Hall presents Black String, a Korean group that creates contemporary sounds using ancient instruments. Embracing both traditional Korean music and jazz, Black String explores composed and improvised creations. The group’s amplified geomungo (Korean zither), daegeum (bamboo flutes), traditional percussion, and the unpredictable melody of jazz guitar will captivate the audience.

Black String was founded in 2011 as part of government sponsored Korea-UK cultural exchange program titled “UK Connection.” Black String has performed at WOMEX 2016, London Jazz Festival, Winter Jazzfest, and many more world renowned festivals and venues.

Leading the group is Yoon Jeong Heo, a virtuoso of Korean traditional music, on the geomungo (Korean zither).  Her talents cut across various musical genres, expanding the possibilities of geomungo and Korean music by bringing together elements of traditional, improvisational and contemporary music.  Heo has held solo recitals since 1998 and has performed numerous times in Korea, Germany, France, the UK, USA, and many other countries. She is joined by Jean Oh on the electric guitar, Aram Lee on the daegeum (bamboo flute), and Min Wang Hwang on the janggu (traditional drum).

Black String’s performance of Mask Dance can be viewed here.

The ingenious improvisation of Black String won the group the 2017 Korean Music Award for “Best Jazz and Crossover Performance.” Jazz lovers and global music enthusiasts alike will be enchanted by Black String!

Tickets are $16/$10 Members and Students. For more information, visit  www.flushingtownhall.org or call (718) 463-7700 x222.

This winter and Spring, Flushing Town Hall will continue to open its doors to teenagers – for free. Under the “Teen Access Program”, which is designed to appeal to students and help foster a greater love in the arts and culture, all 13- to 19-year-olds (whether a member or not) are welcome to attend any performance for free.

Flushing Town Hall is accessible by car, bus, train and foot – located a short distance from the 7 train – at 137-35 Northern Blvd., in Flushing, Queens. Access for wheelchair users and individuals with limited mobility is available.


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