Are you ready to discover a new horizon?

Get ready for New Music Horizons.

Presented as part of the New Music Horizons’ Collaborative Artists in Concert Series, jazz guitarist Mike Baggetta and jazz bassist Mark Wade will each perform a set of original music – with their ensembles – and explain their writing process on Friday, December 15.

Mark Wade is the director of New Music Horizons, a non-profit organization that promotes the works of emerging and mid-career jazz and classical composers. In this blog post, Mark shares with us a bit about the performance, and his career.

(You can purchase tickets here!)

What can an audience expect to experience at your presentation?

We will be presenting our Collaborative Artists in concert program in which both composers will give a brief explanation of their process as a composer and some context for their music. Composers will be discussing their music during their individual sets and not as a pre-concert talk. (You can learn more here.)

Tell us about you.

I founded New Music Horizons in 2014 to address the considerable challenges he observed over 20 years as a professional musician. Composers of contemporary jazz and classical music in particular face difficulties in building audiences due to a lack of outlets for their work. Sometimes audiences may find new music intimidating or somewhat challenging to understand. Audiences with disadvantaged economic backgrounds also find high ticket prices a barrier to accessing new music. And venues are also hesitant to commit resources to booking and marketing emerging artists and their works, despite their artistic merit.

This program is an effort to bring together emerging artists, arts venues, and new audiences and help spread the excitement of new music. We have formed partnerships with various community organizations in Queens to bring new audiences to these concerts in a grassroots effort to grow support for our artists and new music in general.

Where did you grow up / where do you live?

New Music Horizons is based in Queens and is active throughout New York City.

What do you hope audiences discover at one of your events?

We invite audiences to come and experience something new and exciting – a new artist and new sounds they perhaps haven’t heard before. They will have the unique opportunity to meet and talk with the composers about their music after the concert. We feel that this kind of open dialogue helps excite audiences and build support for deserving artists.

What does Flushing Town Hall mean to you?

Flushing Town Hall is a world-class arts venue that is home to some of the most dynamic arts programming in New York. We are very grateful for their support in helping us produce this concert as they have in the past. Playing at such a prestigious venue provides a great platform for our artists to reach new audiences as well.

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