Finding Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons: Flushing Town Hall Hosts Benefit Concert Celebrating Power of the Community

Flushing Town Hall will host a benefit concert on Friday, July 28 to support the continuation of funding for the arts and arts programming. Local community members and artists are taking a stand to emphasize the importance of celebrating global cultures and arts events.

With performances by the New Asia Chamber Music Society and the immensely talented tenor, Dr. William Cai, the concert is a celebration of the intricacies of music from various cultures. The show will bring audience members joy and reinforce the importance of music-making and the arts.

“This is a grassroots effort calling for support from all our community members to financially safeguard our cultural gem in Queens – Flushing Town Hall,” says Tai Wang of the Chinese Cultural Committee of Flushing Town Hall. As co-founder of the Glow Foundation, Mrs. Wang aspires “to help Flushing Town Hall further its mission with this unprecedented initiative.”

In addition to the New Asia Chamber Music Society, special guest Dr. William Cai will also perform. Selected from the many heartfelt applications from talented performers, Dr. William Cai is a Chinese acupuncturist by day who has treated celebrities from Spike Lee to Kathleen Turner, curing pain-related illness and vocal disease.

He has also become known for his Qigong Bel Cando, a singing technique that combines his training in Chinese body exercise with his learnings from legends, such as Luciano Pavarotti. Praised for his brilliant and bright tone, Dr. Cai’s solid, dramatic, and operatic voice carries Qi and medical science of the art into the world.

A tribute to his talent, Dr. Cai is slated to perform in December at the Shanghai Grand Theatre with Mr. Wei Song, the most prestigious tenor in China. Audiences will not want to miss his Flushing Town Hall debut on July 28.

In addition to the astonishing opera aria, the audience will be entertained by a robust selection of classical music from the West and the East. Led by New Asia Chamber Music Society, the concert will showcase talents who are skilled with violin, viola, cello, piano, daegun, erhu pipa, and guzheng.

“Now more than ever, we need to stand together to protect Flushing Town Hall,” says Minwen Yang, an arts advocate and honorary chair of the Chinese Cultural Committee. “We are proud to say that this initiative is an inspiration, not a competition, that truly brings people of all background together.”

The concert starts at 7 P.M. Tickets are $10/$30 and there are also sponsorship packages available. To purchase tickets, visit For more information on sponsorship packages, contact

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