Pepe Santana is looking forward to summer!

Our Teaching Artist Pepe Santana is an Ecuadorian-born musician based in New York City. He has lived in the United States for 38 years spreading the musical traditions of the Andes Mountains, which is his lifelong passion. Pepe plays over two dozen Andean wind and string instruments.

In his commitment to sharing the vibrant traditions of the Andes, Pepe has performed in significant venues such as the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Alice Tully Hall, and Carnegie Hall among many others. His emphasis in age-old sounds and rhythms has defined him as a true spokesman of traditional Andean Music. Pepe has participated in major folk festivals in the United States and Canada. He frequently lectures at museums, music schools and folk societies throughout the country and abroad.

How do you plan to spend this summer?

I will be teaching and performing mostly in New Jersey. Parks , libraries, museums.

What makes Flushing Town Hall exciting to visit in the summer?

The variety of programs of various cultures.

What one thing do you do every summer that brings you joy and inspires your teaching throughout the year? 

A gathering of musicians, dancers, graphic artists, crafters during the Gathering of Friendship in my house.

For parents considering what to do with their children this summer, what advice about arts and cultural programming can you offer?

Contact Summer Camps or organizations, like Flushing Town Hall, and register their children in the various programs offered.

What are you looking forward to in the next school year? 

To apply new pedagogical methodologies in teaching Music and Andean Culture.

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