Our Teaching Artist Timothy Bellavia is looking forward to summer

Timothy Bellavia is an artist, educator and published author. He recently was awarded the “Outstanding Educator of the Year” at the Harvard Club of New York, is an Assistant Professor within the Graduate School of Education at Touro College and University System in New York City and a Flushing Town Hall Space Grant Awardee.

Timothy recently served as the emcee of our LGBTQ Voices Event in Jackson Heights, too! We asked him about his plans this summer.

How do you plan to spend this summer?

I plan to resume my rigorous studio work at Flushing Town Hall. I am very pleased with the production and overall reception of my doll workshops this spring season. By being at the studio I will start my shift to creating marionettes as well as more paper engineering, cookie making  along with the development of the Sage doll workshop which I am creating pets (They’re All The Same Inside). I will also continue my research but this summer I am not lecturing through the summer sessions. So more art and cookies.

What makes Flushing Town Hall exciting to visit in the summer?

Overall I like the staff and the openness of the restored facility. All my friends are so impressed and marvel at its beautiful stature and cultural impact in Queens.

What one thing do you do every summer that brings you joy and inspires your teaching throughout the year?

Reading. In the summer I love to sit up late at night and read unauthorized biographies. This always triggers inspiration for puppets. It’s so nice not reading research journals – for a few months anyway. I also plan to support  my special friend’s apartment restoration.

For parents considering what to do with their children this summer, what advice about arts and cultural programming can you offer?

I think the FREE access for teens is the best! I couldn’t get art lessons growing up to the region I live in and with this economy we can have students in their teens get a dose of painting or collages among other art type of activities that would be high in price and in demand at art cultural institutions.

What are you looking forward to in the next school year?

I am hoping to merge my doll workshop through Flushing Town Hall in 2018! And of course donate dolls, puppets for much needed fundraising.

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