“Migration” in Flushing Town Hall’s Garden

This March 31, Flushing Town Hall will unveil a special exhibition, created by artist Elizabeth White, in our tranquil Garden. The expansive exhibition, called “Migration,” uses life-cast leaves to represent individuals away from their roots.

They are arranged singularly or in clusters, underfoot or under cover, up against or over a wall. In view of current economic disasters, political conditions, military actions, and climate or earth changes the artist sees immigration as the new normal.

“It was around the turn of the century that my home was originally built. Around the turn of the following century I took up residency and established my art studio here. Every year since I have been making these life-cast leaves, in the stone- like medium of cement. It has become something of a spring ritual,” the artist writes in her blog.

“I believe the appeal of these works is in the varied shapes and veining, each a little different from the other even when from the same plant. Leaves from the wild, from the garden variety, from exotics and invasives, once they are cast in cement (or concrete for the very large) they become like portraits.”

We invite you to read Elizabeth’s blog post here, and also to watch her remarks – describing the new exhibition – in this video from our Winter-Spring season kickoff earlier this year.

An Opening Reception will be held on Friday, March 31 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM, and the exhibition will be on view until Sunday, April 30. You can learn more here.


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