Assemblyman Ron Kim: Supporting Flushing Town Hall

unnamed-2Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Flushing), joined by the Board of Directors for the Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts, announced the allocation of $125,000 for renovations to Flushing Town Hall’s parking lot on Wednesday, October 26.

The parking lot has been in a state of serious disrepair for a number of years, and its damaged drainage system leads to serious serious safety hazards each winter. The drain pipes below the sloped and partially sunken lot appear to be cut off from the NYC sewer system, likely due to street repairs done a few years ago. This creates a large pool of water that consistently into sheets of ice, endangering staff, visitors, and any drivers trying to park.

With the establishing of this capital project, Flushing Town Hall can begin the process of scoping, re-designing, and repairing the lot and drainage system. The funds will enable the restoration of any blocked connections for pipes, and enable a repaving of any dug-up portions of the lot.

Assemblyman Ron Kim stated: “Flushing Town Hall has always been a cultural pillar of our community, and the hazards this issue posed to our residents were unacceptable. I am glad to be able to play a part in fixing this problem, and remain hopeful that this much-needed renovation will be completed with the allocated time and resources. The safety and wellbeing of New Yorkers will always be the most important priority, and I encourage our community members to continue supporting this wonderful institution.”

James Liao, President of Board of Directors, Flushing Town Hall, stated: “Flushing Town Hall is enormously grateful to Assemblyman Kim and the New York State Legislature for this Capital Award.  The funds will help us to solve this long-standing drainage problem, and make our parking lot a much better amenity for audiences and community members, who depend on us year-round for high-quality arts programs that celebrate the cultural identities of all New Yorkers, and give a voice to immigrants to re-own the narratives of their neighborhoods.”

Assemblyman Ron Kim chairs the Task Force on New Americans in the New York Assembly and currently serves on the following committees: Health, Education, Housing, Social Services, Children and Families, Government Operations, and Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions.


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