Fall in with Flushing Town Hall

At Flushing Town Hall, we LOVE the fall. We’ve got so much in store this mellen-photonth – including a new art exhibition, an all-ages family show Squirrel Stole My Underpants, a neighborhood concert, short film festival, and the Moth StorySLAM (and so much more!).

We asked our Executive and Artistic Director Ellen Kodadek about the new season!

What do you like the most about fall? “The air is cool and crisp and delicious!  I hate the heat of summer (and am cranky all summer long)  — Fall is my favorite time of year.”

What’s your favorite activity to do each fall (and why)? “Making apple cobbler, pear cobbler, cobbler of any kind! And soup – I LOVE to make soup; it’s one of my great de-stressors. And walking through piles of crunchy leaves that have fallen to the ground; PLUS it’s festival and conference season – so I’ll be going to the Smithsonian Affiliates Conference in Washington, D.C., and 4 festivals in ONE week in Montreal! (where I will hopefully see international artists to book for Flushing Town Hall):

What fall program are you most looking forward to at FTH (and why)? “I love them all (truly!) — we spend all year gearing up for each new season, so every program is a favorite in its own unique way.  Though I admit I AM excited about our Grease Sing-Along for Halloween.  We’ve never done a Sing-Along before, and I may have to go and buy a poodle skirt and pink jacket for the occasion!”

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