Celestial Being: A Special Presentation That’s Out of This World

At the beginning of Celestial Being, we meet Celeste, who doesn’t fit in at school and can’t make friends in her class. She has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, and so things seems even worse.

Miriam, who used to be her best friend, is constantly teasing her and calling her a “space case”, and so she decides she must be from outer space.

Celeste knows there is a whole world of people who are like her up in the stars, so she starts building a spaceship to bring her back to her home planet, Celestia.

That’s when Celeste meets Martin, a new boy at school who loves talking about space as much as Celeste does and  who wants to help build the rocket. And then, the adventure takes a new turn. On May 21, 2016, Canada’s award-winning Green Thumb Theatre will present “Celestial Being” at Flushing Town Hall. Tickets are available for the workshop here and performance here.

Created for children on the autism spectrum, Celestial Being creates a window for the audience to see the world of a young girl with a big imagination and her struggle making social connections. As audiences observe the world through her eyes, they witness the tremendous color and joy that her inner world presents.

The play explores issues all children experience while growing up: dealing with bullying, accepting and respecting others’ differences, and learning how small acts of kindness can have a tremendous impact on another person. And, it presents a fascinating tale in which Celeste discovers a world filled with adventure and imagination where she realizes that being different can be a wonderful gift.

“We’re fortunate to have Green Thumb Theatre present this wonderful and imaginative piece of theatre,” said Ellen Kodadek, Artistic and Executive Director at Flushing Town Hall. “It showcases common experiences and universal themes that affect every child, and teaches them self-confidence and to appreciate what makes them unique individuals in the world.”

The 2:15 PM performance will be preceded by a two-part workshop at 1:00 PM; the workshop will take participants on a journey through the solar system, with learning games about the planets and beyond! After the future astronauts have completed their trip through space, they return to Earth for an interactive, fun and engaging activity that teaches them the basics of autism awareness and anti-bullying.

CELESTIAL BEING is being presented with major support from Pediatric Service Line Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York Northwell Health.


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