An amazing Journey through Ireland and Africa

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.38.15 AMMick Moloney combines the careers of folklorist, musicologist, arts presenter and advocate, professional musician, and professor of music and Irish studies. In 1999 he was awarded the National Heritage Award from the National Endowment for the Arts — the highest official honor a traditional artist can receive in the United States.

Mick received the Presidential Distinguished Service Award from the President of Ireland in November of 2013. Reviewer Earle Hitchner called one of Mick’s concerts a “moving musical feast” in The Irish Echo. When not performing, producing, or lecturing, Mick leads a series of  Cultural Tours to Ireland and SE Asia, offering an authentic cultural odyssey that conventional tourists never experience.

This Sunday, March 6, Mick performs with Lenwood Sloan in a global merging of music and dance: “The Cultural Crossroads of Ireland & Africa. They will be joined by dancers Wayne Daniels & Niall O’Leary, Athena Tergis fiddle, Billy McComiskey button accordion, and Jerry O’Sullivan pipes.

The presentation starts at 2:15 PM and includes rich history, enlightened dialogue, spirited exchange, and a rollicking music and dance demonstration. And, if you want to enjoy even more, then there’s a workshop that starts at 1 PM. For tickets to either, visit

We asked Mick a few questions about the performance.
What can audiences expect to experience at this upcoming event, Cultural Crossroads of Ireland and Africa?

Two dynamic people each force into a journey to America. One through bondage;  the other through famine and poverty. Their servitude of ending in the same spots at edges of rural areas or deep in the
cities. Exchange and assimilation occurred because of and sometimes despite the circumstances.
Tell us a bit about the merging of these two musical cultures.Music, dance, ballads and blues, jokes, riddles,  games and. Contest form the exchange, borrowing,  mimicking, reflecting and inventing as they met along rivers and rails,  in mines, fields and factories.
Much is written about their conflict and struggle. Our program celebrates the common ground at the crossroads of the two cultures. Anchored by the banjo,  fiddle and jigs.

What makes this event so unique?

The keen respect that the presenters have for each culture’s contributions to American folklore and traditions. The “relish” they bring to new discoveries of commonality, And the sheer JOY that the
ensemble brings to their cross cultural exploration.

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