The Flushing Town Hall Family: Introducing Shawn Choi

IMG_1146Each week, we invite you to learn about another individual who is making a difference at Flushing Town Hall. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Shawn Choi, our Director of Marketing and Community Engagement.

“Just like my long title, I have a long list of responsibilities but bigger bullet points are marketing, membership, box office and programming,” Shawn says. “I’m a native Korean and moved to the US (NYC) in 2004. After finishing my master’s (MA, Performing Arts Administration) at New York University and a couple of internships, here I am working at Flushing Town Hall since October 2007!”

We asked Shawn a number of questions to find out what really makes him tick. Here are his answers!

What is your favorite feature of Flushing Town Hall?

Foodies, who love explore the Flushing’s food scene as much as we love arts!

What childhood hobby did you enjoy the most?

Chasing my older brother.

What’s your hobby now?

Maru-sitting (Chasing my new born baby Maru).

What’s your favorite song?

Dave Matthews Band “Stay”.

If you could bring ANY performer to Flushing Town Hall who would it be?

See above DMB!

What were your best and worst subjects in school?

Best: math; worst: Korean (FYI, I’m a native Korean).

What is your secret pleasure?

Sniffing my baby’s… (it’s secret).

If you could be a superhero, who would it be?

I want to make my entire family The Incredibles!

When you step away for a bite to eat in Flushing, where do you crave going to?

#6 at White Bear.

What performance made the biggest impression on you?

NEA Jazz Master Barry Harris’s solo piano.

Mac or PC?

Definitely Mac (I’m answering this using a Window’s PC from my office!)

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