Rajasthan On A Platter: Healthy, Tasty, Easy

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.44.31 PMOur Diwali event may be over – but it’s still fresh in our minds. When visitors entered Flushing Town Hall, they met Dr. Suman Bhavnagar and leafed through her amazing cookbook, Rajasthan On A Platter: Healthy, Tasty, Easy, discovering tradition, easy-to-cook Rajasthani meals and related food recipes.

Happily, we can now say the book is for sale on Amazon, and makes the perfect gift this season. You can purchase the book here.

The book presents recipes for young homemakers, future chefs and all food connoisseurs. It transfers homegrown knowledge to the young generation and caters to multicultural readership. Each recipe has been combined with supplementary food items to present the concept of a tasty, wholesome and nutritious meal.

They focus on a fast-changing society where “snacking” is replacing full sit-down meals and “finger food” and “quick bites” fulfill the purpose of a light dinner. The dishes add plenty of nutritive value to the diet and cater to the eating habits and fast lifestyle of the multi-tasking generation.  The select recipes are grouped in five categories cereals, pulses, vegetables, non-vegetarian dishes and special dishes for festivals.

Dr. Bhatnagar completed her M.Sc, M.A. and Ph.D from M.S. University, Baroda, Udaipur University and Gujarat University respectively. She was associated with teaching, research and extension at College of Home Science, and Directorate of Extension Education, Agriculture University, Udaipur for 20 years.

She has worked as Project Officer (Education) with UNICEF, India for 20 years. She is committed to render her services for ensuring the Rights of Children and Empowerment of Women. She also writes books and articles in magazines and newspapers.

Traveling is her hobby and she enjoys writing about her experiences. Dr Pushpa Gupta did her M.Sc and Ph.D from M.S. University, Baroda and Gujarat University Ahmedabad respectively. She had been associated with teaching, research and extension at the College of Home Science for 39 years. Dr Gupta was head of the department and Dean of College of Home Science. She is associated with NGOs for social work and also contributes articles for magazines.

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