Volunteer of the Week: Introducing Wendy Moscow

By Wendy Moscowwendy moscow at FSF for MLK

I was born, and have lived in Queens, my entire life – in Flushing, specifically, since the early 80’s. Although I work in the Media Services department at Queens College (and enjoy that work), my core identities are artist, activist and teacher. And if I can weave the three together, so much the better!

My drawings (one is pictured below)and photography often address women’s empowerment, anti-militarism, and social justice. I’ve taught ethnic dance at the Poppenhusen Institute and love the mutual understanding that arises when we cross cultural borders – one of the reasons I’m on the board of the Flushing Interfaith Council.

20151028_113634I’m an active Unitarian Universalist, and Vice President of the Queens Community for Humanistic Judaism, as well as a Board member of the Flushing Jewish Community Council. Our mission is “tikkun olam,” (healing the world) by providing services to the whole community, regardless of ethnicity.

I play and teach hand percussion, and offer song and rhythm for earth-centered ceremonial occasions, as well as peace and justice events. I’m also an avid birder, amateur astronomer, and volunteer reading tutor.

My connection to the Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts goes back to a time before it was ensconced in the incredible venue that is Flushing Town Hall. My then-partner, Donna Jordan, worked as an office administrator at the old 41st Avenue site. She put together what was called the “Culture Calendar” way back in the 80’s.


I have been a member for many years, and feel so grateful that such a remarkable cultural institution exists just blocks from my home. World Music and dance speak, especially, to my heart and soul (and body) and I’m thrilled that space is provided for us to dance along. Where else would I be able to take workshops with master drummers from around the world without paying a fortune?

I love the summer concerts in the garden, and Yumcha Yoga’s incredible events. There’s nothing better than lying in “savasana” pose while bathed in dappled sunlight and gazing at the gently dancing leaves above. (If you look closely at the banner on the fence showing a class from a couple of years ago, you’ll see me on the right, in the colorful tunic!) The diversity of programming at FTH is not only exciting, but responsive to the diverse and fabulous community in which we live.

I’ve been a volunteer in various capacities over the years – behind the scenes doing mailings, and taking tickets prior to events, for example. What a great opportunity to see a favorite band for free! Both my mom and I have had work in the annual members’ exhibitions, another wonderful opportunity provided by Flushing Town Hall. And, the new Members’ Lounge is the perfect place to “nosh,” hang out with interesting folks, and relax.

20150619_204426Maybe it’s a cliché, but Flushing Town Hall really does feel like a home away from home for me. Many of the staff – Ellen, Steve, Gabrielle, Sami, Amin, Shawn, Richie and Ron, to mention a few – feel like extended family members.

We have an autumn ritual, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Queens, where we each bring a small amount of water from a meaningful place we’ve been during the summer to add to a communal bowl.

My water?

From the water cooler at Flushing Town Hall.

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