Fourth Season of Performing Arts Showcase OPEN STAGE 2015-2016 Begins

The Korean Cultural Service New York proudly presents the 4th season of the OPEN STAGE performing arts series starting next month with a rich program of various genres of performing arts including Korean traditional music and dance, modern fusion world music, jazz, as well as contemporary dance and theater.Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 6.28.58 PM

Through a rigorous selection process, 7 groups have been chosen to take part in this season that runs from December of 2015 to September of 2016. The first performance of the season will be Friday, December 11, with the Dongrak Performing Arts Group (Kkun’s – Master Players) presenting at Flushing Town Hall.

“The Open Stage performances began with a vision of providing a platform for emerging Korean and Korean-American performing arts groups to showcase their works in New York, and it’s been exciting to see not only the growth of the programming, but also the ways that this opens doors for the continued development of these gifted artists” says Seung Je Oh, Director of the Korean Cultural Service New York.

“We’re especially excited to invite such top artists from Korea to perform here this season. We’re very impressed with the sheer talent that these seven groups consistently demonstrate and looking forward to presenting them in our community.”

Dongrak Performing Arts Group (Dongrak Yeon-Hee Dan in Korean) is an established team of top artists of Korean Traditional Folk Arts, blending music, theater, and acrobatics in their soulful and dynamic performances. Yeon-Hee is an artistic genre of traditional Korean folk theater and dance that use ‘Yeomin Dongrak’ in its choreography. ‘Yeomin Dongrak’ refers to the free-flowing dance movements that originated from our ancestors who went against the tradition and hierarchy that ruled Korea in the past. The program features works that remain true to the original traditional rhythms while blending and mixing sounds to make their own unique color.Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 6.32.00 PM

Dongrak Performing Arts Group is a performing arts group that was founded under the auspices of the CROWN HaiTai company and its group members include many initiators of Important Intangible Cultural Properties in the performing arts as designated by UNESCO. With Han Bok Kim (awarded the Presidential Award at the World Samulnori Competition and Initiator of the Intangible Cultural Property, Taepyeongmu music) at the helm as the Group Leader and Ki Chang Kim (also winner of the Presidential Award at the World Samulnori Competition) as Master, Dongrak continues to impress its audience with its passion and sheer skill.

This year, Open Stage is expanding in both program and reach. First introduced in 2012, Open Stage has been playing a crucial role in presenting opportunities for rising performers to display their talents to a wide New York audience. This year, the selected performers not only include newcomers on the performing arts scene, but also established groups who have come directly from Korea.

The unique showcase consists of each performing arts group putting on one performance at the Korean Cultural Service New York (460 Park Ave. in NYC), Flushing Town Hall (137-35 Northern Blvd. in Flushing), or First Floor Theatre of La MaMa (74A East 4th St. in NYC) held approximately once per month.

The performing arts groups are (in order of performance date): Dongrak Performing Arts Group (Korean Traditional Music & Theater), Chulsoo Kim & ridMos (Jazz), Joo Hee Yoon’s Microcosmic Ensemble (Korean Traditional Fusion Music), Jeong Ga Ak Hoe (Korean Traditional Music), Suk Soon Jung Project S (Contemporary Dance), Playfactory Mabangzen (Theater), and Jeeyoung Kim (Korean Contemporary Music).

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 6.31.55 PMA special partnership with La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club and an extension of our ongoing partnership with Flushing Town Hall, which began last 2014-2015 season, is in response to the growing demands of our audience in New York and its boroughs.

This new collaboration with La MaMa and the ongoing alliance with Flushing Town Hall is in line with the Korean Cultural Service New York’s mission to provide genre-expanding works that introduce aspects of Korean culture to an ever-growing New York audience.

All Open Stage performances are free admission, but online RSVPs through the Korean Cultural Service website at is required. All performances are followed by a reception.

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