Folks were ready to Monk Tango this weekend!


In case you missed it, we presented Monk Tango on Friday night – the music of genius Thelonios Monk, arranged, played and danced Tango-style.

The event drew moire than 160 attendees to our venue to watch and listen to Konrad Adderley on bass, Nick Danielson on violin, Tito Castro on the bandoneon, and Gustavo Casenave on piano, Reno Padilla’s amazing voice, and dancers Yaisuri Salamanca, John Hernan Raigoza, Mariana Parma and Herman Brisuela.

And – thanks for Konrad Adderley, there was even a cake afterwards to celebrate what would have been Thelonious Monk’s 98th birthday this weekend.

Below are two highlights – Tito Castro leading “New York Tango” and the culminating song and dance.


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