The Flushing Town Hall Family: Steve Palermo

This fall, we are introducing you to our family, the folks who make Flushing Town Hall tick. You may know some of them, or simply see them hard at work making sure you enjoy a great show, program and workshop.

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But rather than just share their bios with you, we thought we’d have some fun, and so we posed a bunch of offbeat questions to the staff. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Steve Palermo.

Steve is the volunteer coordinator and gift shop coordinator at Flushing Town Hall, and has been a Teaching Artist with us since 2012, and at the Poppenhusen Institute since 2013. In February 2015, Steve received a residency from the QCA’s SPARC (Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide) program teaching seniors mixed media from February to June 2015.

In addition to creating and facilitating mixed media and painting workshops for young people, adult groups, and senior centers, Steve has been requested to assist other teaching artists at FCCA for the past three years. His “All Saints Day” workshop with fellow educator, Tina Seligman, for our Halloween Remix event, was attended by over 300 families.

Having worked at Lee’s Art Shop from 1994-2009, Steve has a wide range of knowledge and experience with a variety of art media. Steve’s work has been featured in national and international group exhibitions include First Person PluralFrenzy into Folly, St. Paul the Apostle Church, NYC, 2012; Drawing Connections, The Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy, 2011; Jazz and Zen, JMC Gallery, NYC, 2011; The Bitten Image, The Queens Museum, Flushing, NY, 1982 and many more.

What is your favorite feature of Flushing Town Hall?

My favorite feature of Flushing Town Hall is the facade of the building. Standing strong for over 150 years.

What childhood hobby did you enjoy the most?

My childhood hobby was making jigsaw puzzles.

What’s your hobby now

I am an artist. I like making something from nothing.

What’s your favorite song?

Anything sung by Ella Fitzgerald.

If you could bring ANY performer to Flushing Town Hall – with cost and space not being a factor – who would it be?

Scott Bradlee Postmodern Jukebox.. They have an new/old  twist to today’s pop songs.

What were your best and worst subjects in school?

My best was art and the worst was math.

What is your secret pleasure?

 Chocolate.. anything chocolate

If you could be a superhero, who would it be? 

Superman.. He has the full package.. xray vision,super strength and able to leap tall buildings

When you step away for a bite to eat in Flushing, where do you crave going to?

In Flushing, a Thai restaurant. for pad thai.

What’s performance made the biggest impression on you?

Going to the Metropolitan Museum for the first time and being surrounded my centuries of artworks big and small.

Who was – or is – your role model for a life well-lived?

My father and mother for all the caring they shown to me through the years.

Mac or PC?



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