Members’ Exhibition: Introducing Trudy Fritschi

We recently launched our annual Visual Arts Members’ Show, which explores the theme of identity, asking “Who am I?” and “What do you see?” Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our 35 participating member artists, Trudy Fritschi.

Trudy, who lives in Flushing, grew up in Germany. She has been an artist si
nce 2002, when she was taking a watercolor course at the Art Student League and discovered a newfound interest in art.

“My focus has always been nature, maybe because I grew up in a beautiful rural area of Germany,” she says. “Having lived in this large metropolis for many years, I try to stay connected to nature through my art.”

Her piece on exhibition is titled “Jones Beach.”

“I always carry my camera and on a trip to Jones Beach with friends I was struck by the combination of blue sky, yellow umbrella, and very sculptural cloud,” she says. “To me this piece represents the essence of summer through the primary color of the dark blue sky and the threatening thunder cloud. The bright yellow beach umbrella and lonely figure giving it a wistful atmosphere.”

Since 2004, she has been a member of Flushing Town Hall, which she says “is a venue for various modes of artistic expression and extends a welcoming hand to adverse group of artists.”

She adds, “Art is an expression of every human culture and serves a deep need in all humans. Flushing Town Hall is very active in furthering the arts and deserves to be encouraged and supported by the its community.”

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