Members’ Exhibition: Introducing Debby Elkin

There’s only a few days left to see our Visual Arts Members’ Show, which explores the theme of identity, asking “Who am I?” and “What do you see?” Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our 35 participating member artists, Debby

A lifetime Forest Hills resident, Debby has been exhibition her work for about 25 years at a variety of venues. Since childhood, she has been a collage artist. “It is a type of art you can create at any age,” says Debby, who has a Bimage1FA degree in Product Design: Textiles Major from the Fashion Institute of Technology. “My collages are old fashioned, retro pieces – pre electronic/ social media age.”

In this exhibition you can see her piece, titled “Charismatic Characters”.

“Let your eyes wander all over this collage and zoom in on the parts you deem most interesting and unique,” she says. “I tried to create a collage conveying a wide range of emotions and to ‘think out of the box’. If you look at a character of your choice a little longer, you may see the sad person as happy, the strange person as conventional and continue on. There is a treasure trove of colorful little bits ‘n pieces of all types of items, some you might find at a rummage sale or antique store.”

She hopes her piece inspires non-artists to adopt art as a hobby and start by designing their own personalized collage.

“Flushing Town Hall is a wonderful combination of music, art and children’s workshops,” she says. “But that sentence doesn’t convey the wide scope of its programs and shows for the extremely diverse New York population.”

She adds, “It’s really important for the city to support art/culture. Concerts, dance performances, etc. provide entertainment, sometimes a lesson in culture for everyone, as do the visual art exhibitions. Children learn from the numerous workshops. Art may become one of their hobbies or perhaps a career path, the same with singing, playing an instrument or dancing.”

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