Members’ Exhibition: Introducing Edwin G. Cadiz

IMG_5837Our annual Visual Arts Members’ Show, which explores the theme of identity, is an opportunity for our members to showcase their work. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our 35 participating member artists, Edwin G. Cadiz.

Edwin has been a member for of Flushing Town Hall for seven years. A Long Island City, Queens, resident for more than 63 years, he is a staff member in the office of New York State Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan, and a member of Queens Council on the Arts.

The name of his artwork on display is “Color me with fun.”

Edwin received a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and a Masters in Science of Education from Queens College, and then taught art for 22 years to adults and children at LaGuardia Community College for Children, IS 227, PS 112, and the Museum of Contemporary Crafts, Ravenswood Community Center.

He was also the Director of the Ravenswood Senior Center for more than 13 years, and won many awards in photography, print-making, painting and collage. He also curated over 59 art exhibitions in New York City.

“As a multi-media artist, I have a difficult time selecting just one medium, but I love to work in collage because of the intricate detail in blending images,” he says. “I don’t just cut pieces of paper and glue them; I work on some collages for months carefully fitting pieces together creating a totally new image. I paint in acrylic, and do photography and small sculptures.”

The work is usually done in series because he finds that multiple pieces most fully express each design concept or idea. In 2000, he designed and painted one of the cows, “Tropicow” for the New York City Cowparade exhibition, and he designed and painted one lager dog for the Art Unleashed in 2001 for Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

“The current nature of my work is based on the evolution of my symbolic use of colors, hands and faces born of my experience as a Latin American artist,” Edwin says. “Meanings change from culture to culture; however, I find that use of these symbols gives a common visual language that most people can identify with and understand.”

He adds, “These elements help in the resolution of differences that easily become barriers, and they suggest some of the conflicting and contrasting influences in ways that are not confrontational, but compelling. I love to use vivid colors in painting. I love to capture the honesty and simplicity beauty of the world and express it through my art.”

“I am, also, building on an emerging interest in assemblages using color, collage and acrylic. My goal is to create an integrated body of multi-media work that uses vibrant colors and 3D design together representing my experiences of culture clash and creative expression. “

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