Members’ Exhibition: Introducing Steve Palermo

Our annual Visual Arts Members’ Show explores the theme of identity, asking “Who am I?” and “What do you see?” Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our 35 participating member artists, Steve Palermo.Me and my artwork @ FTH

Steve – who many of you may recognize – serves as the Volunteer Coordinator at Flushing Town Hall. He’s also one of our esteemed Teaching Artists, and has been a Visual Arts Member since 2012.

Born in the Bronx, he grew up in Queens and resides in Flushing. “It is a very exciting place to live now,” he says. “Flushing has a wonderful multi-cultural feel. In any given area you will find all kinds of customs and foods.”

Steve’s artwork on display is titled “Saint Sebastian 2015.”

“The artwork on view in the Flushing Town Hall Gallery is a three-dimensional box collage representing a bound Saint Sebastian,” Steve says. “He is the saint of athletes. He was bound to a tree while being shot with arrows and has survived due to his ideal body.”

Steve adds, “I would like to show the beauty of the male form by engaging the viewer to journey through the different shapes and images.”

Steve has been an artist since he was a child. As a middle child, he says, he needed a way to be noticed so he nurtured his talent in the Visual Arts. He enjoys the diversity of programming, and most particularly the concerts and workshops.

“Supporting the arts and culture in New York City opens doors for children and others, which might give them a new direction they would not have explored,” he says.

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