Juan Valencia Takes the Stage Saturday at LGBTQ Voices

Musical Director, Pianist, and Composer Juan Valencia is one of the performers this Saturday at our annual LGBTQ Voices event. This year, we are holding the celebration in Diversity Plaza in Jackson Heights, on the Queens Pride weekend, and Juan will be performing with guest vocalist Hamid Rodríguez.

IMG_44337984186475“I describe myself and my music as universal,” he says. “I am a Latino musician with a diverse musical background, I am a classical trained pianist that likes to explore different music forms and styles, including Latin American, Broadway, Jazz, Film, pop, electronic, religious and world ethnic music.”

Juan performs a wide variety of classical piano music from Latin America and the Caribbean Islands. He plays music of accomplished classical composers from the Americas that require extraordinary performance skills and sophistication.

As a composer and arranger, Juan also performs original piano compositions based upon his research of traditions from the Americas. He combines the sounds of ethnic music with the discipline and techniques of classical piano creating a unique sound.

A native of Colombia, South America, Juan started his piano studies at the age of 5. After high school, Juan attended the “Jose Angel Lamas” conservatoire in Caracas, Venezuela.

During his tenure there, he conducted instrumental and choral music from Latin America. He performed for television stations in Caracas and traveled with a chamber music ensemble throughout Latin America, the Caribbean Islands and Europe. He was the assistant organist at the Catholic Cathedral and the main organist at the Anglican Cathedral in Caracas, Venezuela for a period two years.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 2.31.56 PM
Hamid Rodríguez

Juan has 20 years of experience working in churches of various denominations as an organist and choir conductor. He works freelance as soloist, accompanist (vocal and instrumental) and music director.

Juan was the Music Director for the St. Mel Church Chamber Music Series for six years. He is the Artistic and Music Director for the vocal ensemble Two Sopranos and One Mezzo as well as Two Tenors and One Baritone.

On Saturday, he will play music by LGBTQ composers including Classical, Latin, Broadway and popular music. “Because it is an street open event, I will play colorful entertaining selections,” he says. “People will see a piano player, playing beautiful music on a digital piano.”

Juan has lived in Queens for the last decade, and loves its diversity, the strength of the LGBTQ communities, and attending classical and ethnic arts events.

We look forward to his performance on Saturday. He’ll be joined by Maid Rodríguez, a tenor who was born in San Germán, Puerto Rico. You can learn more at www.flushingtownhall.org.


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