Introducing Gabriella Callender, Performing at Our LGBTQ Event Saturday

197132_10150221625003032_4870557_nThis weekend’s LGBTQ Voices event is just around the corner, and each day this week we are introducing you to another one of our stellar participants. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Gabriella Callender.

(The event takes place his Saturday in Diversity Plaza in Jackson Heights, starting at 5:00 PM. Attendance is free, and you can learn more by clicking here.)

Gabriella is a singer, songwriter, poet, educator and community organizer. Her art, educational work and community activism are inspired by her life experience of being an adoptee, lesbian, female of color who has not only survived childhood abuse but thrives in a self-created life of empowerment and possibility.

Her story is featured in the documentary, Anomaly The Film, which offers a compelling look at the experiences of people of mixed ethnicity. The film was directed by Jessica Chen Drammeh.

Much of her music serves to raise the consciousness and create an opening for dialogue about our Human/African origins and highlight the history of human modes of survival, control, greed and generosity.

Gabriella has performed all over the country and abroad and has shared the stage with Harry Belafonte, Joan Baez, Angela Davis, Russell Simmons, Patti Smith, Amina and Amiri Baraka, Tony Kushner, Sonia Sanchez, Danny Hoch, Medusa, Dead Prez , Suheir Hammad, Slum Village, Sarah Jones, Willie Perdomo, La Bruja, Immortal Technique, Tamar Kali, SpiritChild, ReadNex Poetry Squad, and Hasan Salaam, among others.

In addition, Gabriella is the Musical Director of the three womym performance group Mahina Movement.

You can learn more about her at or

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